This is Eight


This is Eight Eight is a wonder in every possible way She explores and creates at least one adventure a day Eight is questioning and an expert at “why” She thrives on finding the origin of everything under the sky Eight is a friend, the best of her kind, a sweeter heart is hard to […]

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I prepared myself. I prepared to be strong and support my husband and kids. It’s not that I thought I wouldn’t hurt, it’s just that I thought they would hurt more.  Once we had kids, my husband became the main caregiver for our pup, it only made sense that his grief would be bigger. That’s […]

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Home is where…


Home is wherever you live. That’s the premise of Home, a beautifully illustrated book by Carson Ellis. A collection of vivid detailed drawings promote the exploration of the many different homes where interesting characters reside. My darlings often ask about other cultures and other countries, curious about spaces outside our own. This extraordinary book serves […]

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For My Girls

Truly, for MY girls. For the two little ladies I’m fumbling in raising. Hoping that with every word I say and every complex decision I struggle to make, I’m helping them feel empowered and strong and capable. Because the world doesn’t always reflect our worth back to us. Where value is questionably measured often with a […]

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Beautiful Oops!

Beautiful Oops

This little gem has been such a help in teaching my little darlings. Particularly for my (somewhat type A mixed with massive creativity) daughter. It’s intriguing to watch your little ones as they develop their senses and try to understand how to problem-solve in a way that feels right to them. We create a lot […]

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Puppy Love


Gaston is the sweetest story portraying the true meaning of fitting-in. Adorable retro illustrations grace the pages of this charming book as the canine adventure develops. Celebrating love over expectation, and reaffirming that at times, looks are in fact deceiving.

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Of Good Character(s)

Of Good Characters

A couple of years ago we discovered Oliver Jeffers and were immediately hooked! He became an instant favorite in our house as we read through his entire children’s collection. His characters are so intriguing and the stories are fun! Filled with imagination and real, sometimes intense, emotion. These are the books I love, the ones […]

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Winter White

  • IMG_6659.JPG
  • IMG_6660.JPG

Winter can be magical. Grateful this scenery is the backdrop for our daily drive.

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The Perfect Pick

Perfectly Picked

We get really excited around here when super style collides with comfort! It means there are zero negotiations in getting dressed which translates into life simplification at least in one arena. One of the more time-consuming or cumbersome tasks for us as we’re heading out the door is putting on our shoes. My darlings are at […]

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Color us happy


It’s in their genes. And not much more can bring them the calm and contentment that they feel when they are creating art. We share that sentiment. All three of my darlings choose the creative process over almost any other activity. My girls love to illustrate, specifically character creations, while my little guy is tactile […]

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