How delighted I become when I stumble upon a product I had not previously known about! Especially when it’s for my girls and is ALL NATURAL! THEN I BECOME ECSTATIC AND AM COMPELLED TO WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Right, so all this excitement is about Ella’s Kitchen all natural organic little people food! These single serve pouches are convenient, practical, and cute. I bought one of each color (flavor) to try, and my ten month-old indiscriminately approved, at times so eager she feeds herself by squeezing the contents into her mouth. I myself tasted a squirt or two as I always want to know what she’s munching on. That’s the thing with baby food, it sometimes loses its ability to qualify as food…but not this one! I was comforted to know it actually tasted like fresh fruit and vegetables and not at all like unidentifiable mush.  Although my darling devours a pouch per meal, if unfinished the remainder of the food is resealable and stays fresh refrigerated. Ella’s Kitchen products are an overall success! Their wholesome highly sophisticated produce selection is unmatched, just check out the flavors. Bravo to Ella’s Dad!