If you’ve managed to escape the recent raindrops long enough to step outside, then you may have noticed that Fall has arrived!!! Exciting news for our family as Fall is our favorite season. Not just because my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary or the birthdays of both our daughters, but because of all the magical get-with-nature experiences that go on. We even named our second daughter Autumn…Yes, we love the season! We’ve picked more apples than we can eat, bake, or mash. We’ve picked more pumpkins than we can carry, carve, or paint. We’ve been hay-riding and leaf-stomping, and overfed some gluttonous farm animals. Autumn at AlstedeAnd we can’t seem to get enough ’cause we keep going for second and third helpings of Fall. Where do we go? While we like to explore near and far, mostly we stay near at our local farm, Alstede. This outdoor wonderland has everything necessary for Fall fanatics like us. From animals to feed, pet, and ride, to endless orchards where you can pick your own just about everything. If you love hay? This is your hangout! Hayrides, a hay mountain, a hay tunnel, and hay stacks are waiting for you! Picnics and parties and lots of yummy treats for sale, you can spend the whole day there! We do… several times a week…all year round!
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