My darling’s new favorite drink! Appley Ever After to be exact. She loves these drink pouches so much, she asks for them even when she’s admitting that she’s not thirsty. For example:

Mommy: Are you thirsty? O: No.

Mommy: Are you sure? O: No mommy, I’m not thirsty.

Mommy: Ok. 46 seconds pass… O: Mommy when can I have the drink pouch?

Mommy: I thought you weren’t thirsty?! O: I’m not but I want the drink pouch!

Now there’s honest for ya, wanting a drink when not even thirsty…So I tasted it of course, to see what the non-thirsty hype was about and well I had to admit, it was pretty fun drinking out of the pouch. For me the experience was reminiscent of the pouches of my youth, but pleasantly different was the natural flavor of the juice. Not surprisingly as the juices are organic, low in sugar, and high in vitamin C. These pouches are not just belly-friendly, they are kind to the environment as they can be recycled through Terracycle. We teach our darlings to be honest, lets start with honest nutrition.
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