We have been in a relationship with Trumpettes for three years…Our first set was a gift,  pretty little Rosie’s mary janes, and our second set were sneakers, only they were socks, Baby Socks that Rock. That’s right, they’re all socks…all the genres of shoes you can imagine, and even ones I’m sure you couldn’t dream of, are beautifully and uniquelly crafted into these comfy, cozy, non-slip socks! A genius idea as our little ones have no need for shoes but a great need for style so early on in life. These posh tootsie covers tend to come as several pairs housed in a whimsical box ready to gift to that special little somone! If you could package cozy and add a touch of fancy, this is what you’d get. And not to leave out, they do have other fun fashionable gifts. We are also the proud owners of a super soft and warm Trumpette sweater which although a hand-me-down from one sister to the next, looks, feels, and wears as though it’s brand new. Three toots for Trumpettes! Sock-it to em’
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