This fast-paced life we live is a product of an ever-speeding society. It’s always about cutting corners and shortcuts…how to multiply your already abundant multi-tasking. All in an effort to be more efficient, have more product in less time utilizing less money. Quite often important pieces get left behind. This is especially noticeable when it comes to ourselves. How often do you see the driver in the car next to you talking on the phone, putting on makeup, or even shaving. I’ve reluctantly witnessed the brushing of teeth, tweezing of all sorts of hairs, and fingernail cutting and polishing while driving. Interesting to watch? Yes. Makes me feel safe to be one lane over? Not at all. And the point is, in those few seconds or even minutes we are “sparing” disastrous things can and do happen. And yet we continue with these outrageous behaviors. Never pausing, never fully thinking about what all the hurriedness is really about?

With kids, there is no choice, there is always a “rush”. Bringing or taking someone somewhere at all times. And since as a parent you are responsible for meeting their basic needs, there’s always someone to feed, change, clean, put to bed, etc. And so our life in the fast lane, although different, is ever present. And so, leading this doubly fast lifestyle, you must create your own opportunities, and so I do. As food sustains and nourishes the body, art nourishes the soul. With two young darlings, I rarely have time to meet my basic natural needs let alone acquire a moment to create. And so, as an opportunist, while they are sleeping, and sometimes that only happens simultaneously in the car, I try to make the most of my time. I often set up my “materials” in my console and create…talk about cramped studio space. I may get as much as a half hour, or as little as half of a minute, but in those instances, I am being creative. I am regaining and recharging myself. Art-on-the-go. Oh yes, important to mention, I am PARKED when I do this. So in this fast as fast can be life, take some moments, wherever they might be, to do something that reminds you of the greatest parts of yourself.
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