Us moms, we are a different breed. Most of us know that, but sometimes, the very characteristics that are so familiar and identify us to each other, make us look like crazy lunatics to everyone else. Everyday we try to be everywhere and do everything. If this sounds impossible to you, know that it is…and so it should come as no surprise that attempting the impossible everyday may take its toll and make us look a bit bizarre…or really crazy…whichever.

Us moms, we rock. No really, we rock. Do you ever see a mom ‘rocking’ an empty cart or swaying as though she’s calming an invisible baby? That’s the innate often involuntary soothing motor that continues its pulse long after our babies are grown. If you see a mini van and it’s not quite in its lane, be certain (or almost certain) it’s a mom. Chances are, she’s got one hand on the wheel and the other hand reaching in the back. She may have her head turned, or quickly whip-lashing back and forth. You may feel annoyed, and even curse out loud, maybe you’ll mumble “*&%$ these women drivers”. You won’t think of what’s going on in that car, the crying or screeching or tears rolling down. You won’t know the importance of reaching that nuk or reaching that book, or reaching that little hand. If you see a mom on line at the checkout, she may be dropping her keys or rapidly checking her pockets, or trying to unzip her wallet, all one handed of course as the other hand may be occupied stroking a cheek, or feeding a bottle, or holding that little hand. And sometimes, you may be talking to us and we may seem a million miles away, it’s not because we’re not interested, but rather because we’re watching our little ones to make sure they are ok, not running or jumping or climbing or falling or pushing or pinching or other hazardous to life behaviors. Our truth is that while we’re in the process of completing the second task on our to-do list, we’re already on task number five in our heads, always three steps ahead of the present.¬†While we try to be everywhere and do everything, and we try to do it kindly and calmly, at times, you may see us lose our patience or become very frazzled. But make sure you look long enough, to see how tenderly we love our children and how patiently we tolerate their behaviors before we have the sometimes inevitable breakdown.

Us moms, we’re inventive. We may use spit to clean (the irony), or our shirts as rags if necessary. We turn our sweaters into blankets and our keys into toys. We sacrifice our jewelry, our pocket mirrors, and our cell phones. We are often one handed regardless of the task. We pick up our trail of dropped snacks, and sometimes have no choice but to eat a mushed up cheerio for lack of a better place to put it, Yuck! Yet these are the small sacrifices of daily mommyhood. So yes, we trade in our tea party manners for primal behavior and perhaps that’s why we’re watched so frequently by others, mesmerized by our display. Yet now, knowing what you know, that we’re trying to be everywhere and do everything, instead of stares and glares and judgments, wouldn’t a lot of respect and admiration be kinder? Certainly more appropriate for the patience, the tolerance, the endurance, the commitment, the kindness and humor. Sure we’re a little weird at times, OK, but we’re always making something out of nothing, and making nothing into something. You know that you can always count on us. A mom will always be good for a tissue, a band-aid, a comb, a hair clip, a nail file or clipper, any medication, a stain remover, a tiny toy, super glue, bug spray, hand sanitizer, snacks, quarters, chap-stick, and wipes. Singing our way through stores and tantrums just to keep their attention, and breathing through being screeched at, slapped, or pulled. Being climbed upon and tugged, all while trying to read the labels and keep our place in line. This is the impossible, and yet on most days we make it possible…exhausting, but possible. Love is what makes it tolerable, and patience is what makes it happen.

Us moms, we’re everywhere. You see us in action even when you’re not noticing us there. When you’re out in the world and you see a child that’s happy and charmed, know that there is a grand mastery taking place to make that kind of calm happen. Essentially, us moms, we’re keeping the world together, sway by gentle sway.

Us moms, we’re a pretty big deal.