Who ever said that our best friends have to be real? What’s real anyway? In our home, we create our own reality daily and have an entire British cast of characters that have integrated into our family. The fantastical creations of Lauren Child have completely changed our lives in the best of ways!
If you’ve spent any time at all with a little one who watches TV then you must know that much of toddler programming is mind numbing at best and horrifyingly devoid of meaning and offensive at worst. Yet through this mess of mass media we were able to find a true diamond in the rough…Charlie and Lola!!! Alongside their friendly friends, Charlie and Lola offer exhilarating and unique adventures with amazing creativity and charming life lessons.
It is a celebration of children, honoring and respecting their individuality, preferences, and freedom of choice. The stories explore emotions, often with emphasis on kindness and helping. What’s even sweeter is that it’s all spoken wittingly with British slang and accent. My little darling has found comfort in more than one storyline and has borrowed more than one phrase as her own.
So not only don’t I mind, I am delighted when these friends make their daily appearance in our life, accompanying us along the way. Heck, if they were older I’d hire them to nanny! Brill Lauren Child and cheers for making my child happy!