Did you know that babies are rashy? I mean really, is that common knowledge? ‘Cause in all the pre-mommyhood reading I did, somehow I didn’t get the memo that some babies are mostly rash and a little bit baby and not the other way around. With my first wee darling I was at the pediatrician once a week for the first eight weeks of her life, demanding they identify the cause of her constantly changing skin condition. My new mommy anxiety was at an all time high and my truest fear was that my new baby might be allergic to my old baby, my fur baby. Despite my relentless efforts, my pediatric group (going so frequently you kinda meet everyone) had the same unwavering answer every time. “It might be newborn eczema, something in our environment, etc.” The usual no-answer-at-all answer. With some suggestions of which products and lotions to try, I was on my unmerry way and on my own. Oh yes, as a last kick in the a** before leaving, I was politely but clearly instructed not to come back for rashy reasons for at least a month, to which I responded by requesting my copay back?
I researched and experimented with some of the most popular as well as the recommended products which were not harmful but also not helpful. Until the glorious day I found what continues to be our favorite bath time suds maker, California Baby bath bubbles and shampoo and body wash. This was prior to the brand’s burst into the limelight and prior to being so easily available at many local stores. So I ordered online and rejoiced in using this most gentle, non-irritating, non-drying soap I had found. And that’s not all, it’s completely natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. You can even choose from their collection of subtle fragrances or go without scent completely. We then expanded into using their diaper cream and conditioner. Our particular favorite is the Calming series. While it lives up to its practical purpose of calming their skin with a delicate aroma, it is also very calming to mommy as you can imagine, seeing her little darlings bathed and soft and smooth and comfortable. I have loved these products so much, I have gifted them and spread the word out-loud. These wholesome products are gentle and clean and the proof is in my darlings’ skin. Happy tubbing to my Jersey California Babies.