These wishes I wish for myself, for my family and friends, and for you.

  1. Health: More specifically, GOOD health, as without it there is little else that matters, and much less that is possible. A reminder as we see those struggling around us, it is not a guarantee on any given day and therefore, advisably, should not be forsaken.
  2. Love: In abundance and shared freely. Firstly, self-love as this can be the most powerful and empowering in allowing us to fully love others.
  3. Peace: In the form of complete calm and contentment. Right, let’s not be too idealistic, but the journey towards peace may be enough as a daily process. First the work towards inner peace, peace of mind, and by natural occurrence may come the peace in our home.
  4. Gratitude: The reminder to pause and appreciate what is happening in the present. Losing sight or the inability to acknowledge and honor leaves most occurrences devoid of meaning. Allow everything to mean something. Gratitude for the small things seems to invite even larger wonderment.
  5. Acceptance: The difficult times and challenging life circumstances will always be present for us all. Fighting these changes seems to prolong the hurts and angers. An effort towards acceptance may ease the burdens and clear the rugged way ahead.
  6. Inspiration: It’s everywhere! Allow yourself to be inspired by great things which may be completely and utterly mundane. The magic is already there, be open.
  7. Creativity: We all have a creative bone in our body. Find yours. Try something new. You don’t know if you’ll be good at it if you’ve never done it. You may surprise yourself, if not by product then by process. If you don’t like it, try something else. Luckily, there are infinite ways to explore your creativity.
  8. Opportunity: Learn to recognize it when it comes to you in disguise. Create your own when you feel unsettled.
  9. Strength: Cultivate it when you are in a content space with yourself so that you will have it to call on when you’re in need. Share it with those who are struggling to find theirs. Remember your past life experiences and honor your accomplishments as a reminder of how much stronger you are than you ever thought possible.
  10. Motivation: Set goals. Even small tasks daily to keep yourself moving, regardless of the pace. Life is always in motion.
  11. Simplicity: …is not so simple. My greatest desire is to simplify. Simplify my thoughts and gain clarity. Simplify my heartaches and gain peace. Simplify our lifestyle, our environment, and our life. Complicated is not the enemy nor is it entirely avoidable, but simplicity, oh simplicity, is so appealing and desirable. Make yourself a priority for a change and simplify where you can. We all deserve something to be simple.