I’m quite a picky consumer when it comes to indulging in really good humor. I won’t listen to something that just cracks a smile, it’s just not worth my attention’s limited availability. That’s why I’m so excited when I find someone who reaches my hilarity standard. And since it’s so infrequent, when it does happen I feel I must share this found talent with everyone, as though I myself discovered it. Based on that, I’m proud to present this little lady who may just be the queen of funny-business herself, Amy Sedaris. My two favorites which have prompted this spontaneous review are her books: I like you-Hospitality under the Influence and Simple Times: Crafting for Poor People. What brings it home for me is that I purchased both of these on audio books and so I get the full experience of her narrative delivery, creative effects and all. Her sarcasm and wit are like no other, in which everything is between the lines. You can’t stray for a second or you’ll surely miss something funny. It’s a shame I don’t get anything out of promoting her other than sheer enjoyment or I’d be quite wealthy. If laughter is the best medicine then you’ll overdose on these. In a good way. ‘Cause laughing is good. But maybe you shouldn’t listen to it all at once or else you might laugh so hard you’ll cry. And I’m not sure what they say about crying is the best medicine? So laugh responsibly. Ok.

PS: If you feel completely inspired to craft after reading/listening to Simple Times then by all means, check out Amy’s DIY ideas. My personal favorite? The rusty nail wind chime!