If you listen in around bedtime, you’re likely to hear some giggles and squeals as we read from our regular rotation of Mo Willems’s whimsical stories. His lovable characters include the infamous Pigeon who’s always pushing the limit, the best of friends Elephant and Piggie, and our adorable often-gone-missing friend Knuffle Bunny. Most recently we read our newest purchase in the now trilogy, Knuffle Bunny Free, which left me (mommy) with teary eyes. It wasn’t so much the adventurous tale itself, as the heartwarming note only a parent could write and the tender message it conveyed. The struggle of rejoicing in your child’s independence into adulthood while always missing their sweet childhood presence.

Here’s my note:

Mo, if you’re listening, it would be OK with us if you decided to change your mind and write Knuffle Bunny Four-ever. You can count on two attentive darling dolls that will giggle and squeel, and one weepy mommy sure to tear at any sentimental mention. Thanks for sharing your friends with us. xoxo