It seems we’re making a habit of baking confectionery treats that are far too cute to consume. Luckily, somehow, we manage  to find the strength to in fact devour and lick our fingers as to not miss a single morsel. I suppose it’s part of the same barbaric practice of having a piñata that’s shaped as your favorite lovable friend, only to, well, we all know what happens there and it involves a stick. Anyways, we spent a part of our cozy snow-day creating two of our finest furry friends! Naturally, their highly “scrumptious” ingredients provided us with all the necessary energy we needed well into the evening hours. At this generous frequency in which mother nature has gifted us snow-days, we’ll have plenty of time to create the rest of the neighbors on S St. We will subsequently also build an indoor playground to release hyper-active energy due to the concentrated sugar intake.