…to the wrong house my brother used to tell me…or that I was “hatched” was another favorite…Oh sweet boys.
Today, on my 33rd birthday, it seems fitting and feels right to reflect and honor the year that has concluded and welcome the year that’s commencing. For me, birthdays feel much more significant in the way of resoluting, making plans, and wishing*. It’s my personal day of atonement, acknowledging my poor decisions (as nothing seen as a mistake is a mistake) and rejoicing with gratitude for the remarkable bliss that fills my life. I have never been one to dread another birthday due to the elevating age factor. I never feel like the number I am anyway, and it takes me a year to adjust to saying my correct age. So really I’m just happy to be here, I mean considering the alternative of not having a birthday-Ouch!
I’m celebrating this birthday on a long weekend getaway. Part of my gratitude towards my life is that I don’t have much I have to getaway from. In fact, I brought mostly “everything” that matters with me. Not that it’s all without struggle or sorrow, but admiring from aside with a gained perspective, I can clearly see what I have, and what I have feels lucky. We traveled by car to mystical Mystic, Ct., a place we’ve visited in the past. One of the first things I heard this morning was the sweetest voice telling me “Wake up mommy, it’s your birthday!” Followed by a uniquely personal rendition of the song. If I wasn’t fully awake by the song’s end, I woke right up after reading my husband’s emotionally written birthday wishes. We ate a homemade lunch in a quintessential café in town and paroosed the local shops. After a delicious picnic in our hotel room, my husband, darling daughters and I, swam in the moonlight to the magical backdrop of snowfall. Following was a snuggle, hot cocoa, and what else but a lullaby rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung by the same sweet voice. A fun adventure full of love and a memorable way to welcome this year of my life.
Now, my resolutions, plans, and wishes*. They are all intertwined it seems, quite dependent and affected by each other. At the top of my list, as most often is, the maintenance of good health as I try to never forsake this. To continue being inspired, creative, and to create! To have gratitude, keep perspective, and keep my mind open. To take chances as necessary and continue working towards acceptance. Some of these resolutions and plans are old friends that have known me most of my life. However, since we keep meeting, I must still be learning and so I mention them along the way to continue staying accountable. Now as for the wishes*, those are quiet whispers in my heart as I am cautious about the superstition…that if you say them out-loud they may not come true. So just in case, Shh.
A big THANK YOU to my mom. I have always felt that birthdays should be equal parts mommy and baby as let’s face it, moms kind of take on the brunt of the work in the shared experience. So happy delivery day mom.
And finally, a shout-out to my girl Oprah, we picked a good day!