To say that all you need is love is romantically unrealistic. But to say that MOSTLY all you need is love, now that’s pretty accurate. Oh Love, (sigh), you are nearly as essential as the air we breathe. You keep us strong and enable us to do the incredible and the unimaginable. We need you Love…all the time. We’ve spent most of our lives looking for you, and have done almost everything to find you and keep you, and when we’ve lost you, we’ve painfully struggled to move on. Sometimes you seemed to go missing, like when we’re angry and yell or hurt each other, but then we realized you were never truly gone, just hiding, waiting, until it was safe to come out. Oh Love, you are most powerful in your ability to heal and mend. Life just wouldn’t be the same without you. Today’s your special day, Love. THANKS for being around! I hope you’ll stay a while, Love…like forever.

I’d like to say we’re not ones to celebrate commercial holidays but that just wouldn’t be true. We celebrate at any opportunity and often create our own reasons to get fancy. But of all the commercial holidays, love day, is by far our favorite. Even though we try to celebrate our love for each other everyday in some small way, having a day full of fun hearts and pink and red and tasty treats feels extra special. Besides, nothing says I love you like store-bought trinkets and someone else’s words, right? Not exactly. (Giggle).

Whatever the reminder is, we know you’re there Love, reflected back to us by those we most cherish in this world. If not by words, then by gestures, or tiny hands holding on so tight, we know you’re there Love, in the silence, in the darkness, in the laughter, in anything and everything we do to make our lives better. In your honor Love, a friendly little game of x’s and o’s seems like just the right activity before bed. Goodnight Love, see you in the morning…and thanks again for all that you do.


*as per Olivia, age 3.4, huggles are hugs + snuggles