I am who I say I am
Says a girl now sometimes a ma’am
I used to play and paint and travel
now I sway and faint as I pick my girls up off the gravel
I am who I say I am
My Sneetches are snitches as they chase and brawl
It all turned to mayhem when the little one started to crawl
and so much more often the bigger one bawls
and hissing that things have gone missing
she wants them back now because what’s hers is always hers and what’s ours is hers too
and you’ll actually never meet a thing that doesn’t belong to this Sneetcharoo
“This land isn’t big enough for me and you too”
Says to the little one this big Sneetcharoo
And the little one stares with confused little glares
and soon-after leaves with a silent “who cares”
It’s just that one Elmo hasn’t been enough
I mean glorious and red and so full of fluff
“And I love him so dearly” cries the big Sneetcharoo
“I won’t let you have him, he loves only me, he’s just not for you!”
And then mommy genius, you know her as ma’am
Came up with what she knew would be a fix-it-up scam
She’ll bring in another little red Elmo tonight
And that will surely end the Sneetcharoo fight
And so straight from China came a new little friend
and indeed the Sneetacharoo bickering came to an end
All was peaceful and just as it should be…oh except, what’s that I hear…
It’s a Sneetcharoo bickaroo over a dolly…I fear.