There is a street where sunny days are sweepin’ the clouds away, where neighbors are like family and diversity is celebrated. A street where ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are a part of every conversation and every door will open wide to happy people like you. Sadly, I’m not writing about this place of blue skies and warm hearts, I’m writing about a completely different PLACE. Yes, they may share similarity in name, but that’s about all. Sesame Street should not be confused with Sesame Place, they are best described as third cousins twice removed. Sesame place is a dark place where foul language and bad behavior can be found around every bend. Where blue skies and sunshine are seldom seen through the crowds of pushers and shovers and general bad deed doers. At Sesame Place you check your manners at the door, along with any kind of ethical respectful behavior you may have at one time possessed. Some also check their dignity along with appropriate attire and proceed into this phenomenal place which I would most likely compare to, hmmm, let me see here, MUPPET LAND HELL!

Aside from my undramatic minor exaggeration, this experience has been a true testament to our dedication to our daughters. Clearly we would not subject ourselves to such suffering for any other reason than to watch our girls delight in seeing strangers dressed up as some of their favorite little friends. It’s a beautiful thing to see our girls walking amidst the chaos and disorder, happily oblivious to all the broken laws of human nature and conduct. They patiently learn to wait on lines while unbeknownst to them complete families finagle their way ahead of us for rides and drinks and shows. They gleam as they watch the parade, completely unaware that mommy and daddy are risking their lives in uniting to create a Berlin Wall around them. Doing so in an effort to prevent a squash and conquer by those who have chosen not to wait the 45 minutes it takes to be in front, but rather pummel people to the ground three minutes prior to the big event and splatter the scene with obscenities when asked to create some breathing room!

I hear you asking me, “Is this some kind of obligatory self-destructive ritual?” and I’ll answer you quite honestly…Not only did we elect to come here by choice, we paid a hefty fee to do so and with incredible genius we purchased season passes because it just seemed like an experience (that we hadn’t even had yet at the time of purchase) that we would want to have over and over and over again all summer long!

What could help this situation? Maybe a tazer and some mace and maybe some padded armor and earplugs for the little ones. Oh yeah, and a short meditative spa visit post park stay. Again, I exaggerate, but only a minute amount. What would help and has helped us, is keeping and open mind (a hugely, one love, we are all in this together gaping open mind) and staying focused, keeping our eye on the prize. The prize being the joyous giggles and squeals our darlings exude as they take in this magical (definitely unreal) setting and all the glory it offers (for those under the age of 5 who maintain their innocent unjaded view of the world).

Now that you’ve read my account of our experiences I know you’re purchasing tickets before you even finish reading and I know it won’t be long before I’ll be seeing you there. And we’ll surely be there. Because we have a season pass!!! That’s right…SEASON PASS!

Maybe you can tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street?!