A year ago today I started on this strange poetic journey. Expressing my feelings, finding humor in odd places, and the written word were long time dear friends of mine, for which reason I had no doubt they would be right by my side as I embarked. However, publicising, was something I had previously done cautiously and infrequently as my delight was primarily in my introspective exploration. But I was open, and willing, and clearly needed just the slightest of nudges which appropriately timed came from my beloved. And that’s how it happened. Before I even knew it,  I was a blogger.

There’s been something rewarding about the public arena.  It has very little to do with recognition and mostly everything to do with relating to others,  connectedness, and validation. Knowing others feel and have experienced what you have is comforting, and hearing that what you have written has in some way resonated with someone just feels good. In parenting, ironically, the ongoing constant is change. As we know, change requires adaptation and can be overwhelming. So often we feel lost in what seems uncharted territory as though we are the pioneers, the inventors of “parenthood” itself. And yet so clearly it’s all been done before, all of it. Maybe it’s not been done by us which is why our ‘first’ of everything is intensely astonishing or insanely catastrophic. But it never seems to fail that when you share your experiences the voices ‘out there’ respond with knowing acknowledgment and supportive recognition, that they too have been there, done that, and survived! While it’s hard for a lot of us to take advice from our own parents, (at least for the sake of not giving in to the notion that maybe after all they do know some things better if not by knowledge than by life experience), we seem to have more patience and respect for our peers who are simultaneously experiencing what we are. But how would we know if we didn’t talk about it, or in this case, blog about it.

And so, this is a celebration. A communicative achievement. I must say, it’s been a true labor of love as I had originally predicted. While creative wells do periodically dry up, they also magically refill as it’s easy to write about that which you love most. My family is my life and I love my life. And so all that I write,  funny and sarcastic, cynical and bitter, lovely and dramatic, comes from a place of genuine love and admiration for all of us who take on this role of raising children and (haphazardly) ourselves in the process. I celebrate this year of documenting our family life and hope to continue on this journey as we expand in the new year! I am filled with gratitude for those who have supported, encouraged, and kindly responded to my creative outlet.