…Cookies and Milk!

When thinking about a theme for my darlings’ birthday festivities, I thought about what might depict who they are and how they are together. The result, as stated above, was¬†cookies and milk. While tasty and sweet individually, they are perfectly delicious and more fun together! Those are my girls. Despite all of the drama (most of which I’ve written about and you’ve read), they are so delightful together, and like most siblings, when apart, they wonder with care and concern of the others’ whereabouts. And so it was, a wonderland of cookies and milk. Clearly not for the lactose intolerant, sugar sensitive, or calorie-counting. The collection included some home baked delights as well as some vintage childhood favorites. Yet despite having a more-than-consumable amount of cookies we indulged in a bit of tradition and created a cookie and milk cake (Gratitude to ¬†Unkie). Our milk varieties were served in “authentic-like” glass bottles with old-school paper straws. Our color scheme along with custom-designed labels by my favorite graphic designer (my husband) brought our look to a perfect finish. Sweet fun was had by all…see for yourself.