As my younger darling stammered, “There is snow, but there is candy!” And yes, both were present on this somewhat confused frosty Halloween. Despite our town canceling Halloween (who knew they could do that) and the ever-present snow dunes of what was an approximate 2 ft Snowmageddon this past Saturday, we braved the chill and walked around our neighborhood with our little critters all bundled in their (sensibly warm) costumes. Seeing their delight as they politely asked strangers for candy reminded me of the magic of being a kid. It is completely about the chase; how long you can endure, how far you can go, and how many bags you can fill. Thankfully for our little ones, the expectation was just a fraction of a small fabric basket, but just hearing their shrieks as they surveyed their loot was worth the temporary frostbite. In true sibling fashion they discussed who would have what and when, based on combining their sugar treasure and relinquishing control to us parents knowing they will be rationed out their treats every so often. Truth is, we’ve been in the spirit of Halloween all week. We’ve been wearing our costumes on several occasions, myself (and baby) included. I embraced my pregnancy and created a simple yet fun acknowledgement of ‘what’s going on in there’ in true x-ray fashion. We’ve also been baking and sharing cookies, painting our pumpkins, and Yes, shoveling snow (albeit an atypical Halloween activity).