So here come the holidays and with them the whirlwind of delicious delights. It’s hard to resist the temptation of tasting and sampling what others have made and for some of us hard to stay out of the kitchen creating traditional family favorites. Either way, it’s challenging enough to monitor and moderate ourselves but how do we keep our little darlings from sugar shocking on a nightly basis? Well I’m not sure that we can, but I do know that one way to “health-ify” some recipes is to substitute yogurt for some less nutritious alternatives. We’ve been using one of our favorites, Chobani plain yogurt. Using their conversion chart and following their Chobani Kitchen Recipes I experimented in baking some Thanksgiving goodies, turkey pot pie and pumpkin muffins. The darlings would tell you how yummy they turned out but their mouths are full.

Thanks Cho. Xo