Maybe it’s the erratic weather shift, or the time change, but somehow, this year more than others, it seems that yesterday was Halloween and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This to me is a clear explanation of my holiday hopping blogging style. Seems as though I’ve blinked and a month has passed.

So on this, the eve of Thanksgiving, I collect my gratitude and examine it closely. The nice thing about gratitude is it rolls over year to year. Sure there are some shifts as life changes but overall, the important things stay important and at the top of the list. These are the things I try to reflect on daily: How lucky I feel to have my darlings in my life, all of them, including my husband and the one residing in my belly. Equally grateful for our good health, never to be forsaken. Grateful for our home and the love and laughter that fills it. Grateful for our jobs and the ability to stay afloat when so many aren’t able to, and especially my job, which reminds me daily of all the blessings I have as I am witness to tremendous pain and suffering of those who have lost it all. And so it’s safe to say, that more than anything, I am grateful for my ability to have gratitude, for without it, these amazing wonders in my life would go unrecognized.

As for my darlings, learning to be thankful is part of our everyday teaching. My little one excessively and consistently says Thank You, even out of turn, which is incredibly sweet and endearing to hear. As for my four year-old darling, when asked what she’s thankful for, she quickly replied this in the following order: I’m thankful for ice cream and donuts, my sister, mommy and daddy. And my hands so I can play with my belly button. Oh yea, and my baby on the way. And the ocean. Yup.

And so, on this dedicated day, give thanks for the treasures you possess, inside and out, big or small, tangible or not, visible or otherwise…because just by acknowledging these wonders, your life becomes instantly richer. I recently read a quote somewhere which poignantly asked, “What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for today?”