Olivia’s Eden came before my heartful journey blog started. It was the precursor in my creative outlet. Inspired by my older daughter, it was a way to channel my inspiration and creative process in a productive and useful direction.

I have been making jewelry, knitting, and dabbling in other handmade trinkets for over a decade now, and the work seems to evolve in a parallel process to life. For a long time I held a standard for myself that if I couldn’t paint properly on an easel like I wanted to, well I just wasn’t doing it at all. That expectation created a drought and a block in my creative production for much too long. After some time of feeling the pangs of deprivation I considered the notion of adaptation and acceptance. It became acceptable to work in a limited space than to not work at all. It became cathartic to create small sketches or watercolors than to not create at all. It became OK to express myself in whatever medium at any time and that included all the in between times of sitting in a parked car, while babies were napping, while my darlings were eating and truly any moment in time. That is how I journeyed into creating hair clips and accessories for little girls, because it was relevant, and because I could complete it in timed increments.

What I never expected, has been the rebound satisfaction and gratification of seeing how excited others have been about these small treasures. It has been lovely to see others gift and share these trinkets and to know that my creations are walking around all different spaces and places. This labor of love has reminded me that we adapt and persevere, and that change, while uncomfortable at times, provides potential for evolution of self. And your art (or craft, or skill) as an extension of self, will evolve and change and adapt too, and with time reveal a new potential you may have never considered or known existed.


You can find the above pictured handmade goods and more at Olivia’s Eden Boutique