It seems as though we’re always waiting…for something. In life and specifically when it comes to our darlings. It’s one of those life lessons we’re offered daily practice in, and every day the session could be titled The Art of Waiting 101. I say this because no matter how much we know the patterns in our life and learn to expect and anticipate their typical display we often seem to struggle in mastering the maintenance of our patience and our calm. We wait on our darlings to transition from one moment to the next in their everyday routines, the “art” being not losing our cool. From waking up and getting ready, to cleaning-up, finishing to play, taking that last bite, we wait for them to share, to say that they’re sorry, to snap out of a stubborn moment, to come in and out of the car, to listen, to use kind words, and to fall asleep. We wait for them to understand that while the lessons we’re teaching may not seem fun or fair, they’re ultimately good for them and will shape their ability to one day wait patiently and calmly for the moments in their lives. And therein lays the magic of the lesson for us all. If we are able to somehow realize in the moment of waiting, that ‘it’ is actually the gift, a chance to truly acknowledge and appreciate the time in-between the events we anticipate most, then we have understood life in a more profound way. In essence, the waiting is typically the more abundant and active portion of our lives and if we welcome instead of resist we will more often find that peace and calm we are seeking.

When it comes to our childbearing, we have had plenty of practice “waiting”. Our darling daughters took their sweet time entering this world. The first was 9 days ‘late’, and the second was 6 days ‘late’, and both were “coaxed out” via induction (Makes me wonder and wish I knew how truly wonderful it is in that womb). While I recognize and understand that due dates are calculations and negotiable at best, there is still some irrational psychological switch that flips when that day appears and baby does not. Currently, we’re anxiously, yet patiently (is that even possible ?) waiting for our littlest one to make his debut. While I thought that he would surely come on time (if not early), here he is, one day past his due date, he’s my third reminder in patiently waiting. And so we will. We’ll be here ready to welcome and love him whenever it is he decides to come out…we’re waiting.