Time seems to stand still in our most emotional and momentous life occasions. Certainly birthing our babes qualifies. And as this little one entered the outside world, time certainly stood still. But somehow, once time starts moving, it seems to be incredibly fast and unstoppable. Leaving me desperately clinging to every tiny moment in an effort to hang on, not miss, and remember. It’s difficult to comprehend that a whole week has passed since he arrived, I guess because time stood still…and perhaps also because I haven’t collectively slept a full night which has caused the days to blend. But reality says it’s been a week. As I look down at my newest darling, bundled and curled in my arms, the reel plays in my mind’s eye, and the details surrounding his arrival saturate my thoughts. I am overcome with love and adoration and silently let him know:

I have no expectations of you my darling boy.

I do however have many many wishes.

I wish that you will be healthy.

I wish that you will love and feel loved in return.

I wish that you will laugh and be curious and learn.

I wish that you will be kind and compassionate and understanding of others.

I wish that you will quench your desires and never forsake by being grateful.

I wish that you will find your way in this sometimes tricky world.

I wish that you will recognize your worth and your potential and surround yourself with people who see it clearly in you.

I wish that you will find acceptance of yourself and others.

I wish that you will never feel sadness or pain or sorrow and if heartache should come, I wish you good friendships and strong bonds.

I wish that you will smile often.

I wish that your own wishes will come true.

{I also really hope you will survive your sisters}

♥ Mom