And by crazy….I mean sometimes crazy making…clinically.

Now that I have three darlings, my perspective has shifted and I can see the pattern much more clearly…the “distraction theory” and its full effect. When there were two darlings, the opportunity wasn’t quite as available to them to do as they liked as it is now with three. Sure there was the notorious albeit brief phone call (which quickly ceased to exist) or the moment of biological necessity in which I had to use the bathroom which allowed complete mayhem to ensue for just a moment, but mostly I was present and watching which deterred most serious shenanigans. Now, with a naturally need-based newborn, my slowed mobility and dexterity, along with my sleep deprived thought process and all around slow reaction time, I provide my darlings endless opportunities to reek the havoc they so wildly desire. Toys thrashed in abundance, wild chasing and yelping, furniture climbing and jumping, physical battles over momentarily coveted items, and of course a dual to the death over mommy’s undivided attention. Yes, my darlings are opportunists.

But I digress, this is a love day entry. And it’s not like I don’t sing their praises and write about my unconditional love and devotion for them daily, but still, this is the official day to praise. So as I was saying. After I silently recite my own version of the serenity prayer, desperately asking for an immediate dose of sanity, compassion, and restraint, it all becomes so clear. The love for our children is the only one of its kind. Unconditional is an understatement (while crazy might be a bit of an overstatement). There seems to be no other explanation as to Why, or rather, How we would be able or willing to tolerate such behaviors and verbiage from another living being. And yet we do, tolerate, and endure so much, trusting blindly, forgiving consistently, and loving unconditionally without any explanation or reason other than, this is my child.

As a parent I can’t quite speak to the true longevity of this relationship as we are a young family. But as a child, I can soundly say this crazy love lasts a lifetime.