This is Two

Two says he’s eighty
or sometimes says he’s four
Then he laughs uproariously
until he’s rolling on the floor

Two is wiggly, silly, and wild
but sometimes shy and likes to hide

Two says “I’m ok”, every time he falls
And likes to chat on the phone no matter who calls

Two is inquisitive, curious, and amazing
You can catch him listening, learning, and gazing

Two is extraordinary in more ways than one
He’s a puzzler, a ‘vroomer’, and a chaser of fun

Two adores his sisters and many of his toys
He has that special ‘energy’ that only comes from boys

Two is the keeper of a piece of my heart
He’s sweet and adorable and cleverly smart

I love THIS two and marvel at how he’s grown
I feel so grateful that THIS beautiful two, is my very own