This is Seven.

Seven is smart, smarter than you think.
Seven likes shimmer and everything pink.

Seven is silly and makes funny faces,
she asks endless questions as her mind always races.

Seven is growing, coming into her own.
Seven wants to fit in, but sometimes feels alone.

She’s starting to learn the secrets of life,
feeling the love and the painful strife.

But seven still believes in magic and fairies,
creating dream worlds with the trinkets she carries.

Seven is lovely, helpful, and sweet
but engage in an argument ? You’ll find defeat.

Seven likes soccer, gymnastics, and dance,
her storytelling skills will put you in a trance.

Seven sings with heart and skill,
finding the spotlight is her greatest thrill.

Seven is a bookworm of the cutest kind
with each story she gobbles she broadens her mind.

Seven, my sweet I hope you can hear
how much I love you and hold you so dear.

Seven, one last thing, clear and loud,
of you my love I couldn’t be more proud!