This is Five

This is five

Bursting with laughter
And roaring with tears

Feeling safe to run farther
But at night come the fears

Five is in dress-up most of each day
She lives in pretend and imaginary play

Five literally bounces of couches and walls
And uses her paper cellphone to make important calls

Five is a giver, a sharer, a pleaser
But “Oh my watch out” if you dare to tease her

Five has learned to defend her space
and you wouldn’t want to meet her angriest face

But five is mostly sweet, shy, and kind
Such a tender balance is rare to find

She has many friends and enemies none
She is a chaser of giggles and a magnet of fun

Five is learning but at times still unsure
A kind word or compliment is an immediate cure

Five is impressionable and takes it all in
But she doesn’t need to be right, doesn’t care to win

Five is my “Birdie” just as sweet as can be
flutters all around just to be close to me

This little five, squished between seven and almost three,
Is the loveliest, most gentle, little sweet-pea

I love you five more than you can know
And I’m prouder each day at how beautifully you grow!

This is five.

This is Five