Beautiful Oops

Beautiful OopsThis little gem has been such a help in teaching my little darlings. Particularly for my (somewhat type A mixed with massive creativity) daughter. It’s intriguing to watch your little ones as they develop their senses and try to understand how to problem-solve in a way that feels right to them. We create a lot of art in our home and part of that process is distress tolerance as well as the beginning implications of perceived perfectionism. If things don’t turn out how you want them (insert life metaphor here) how do you sit with that? Do you impulsively trash it? Are you angry or sad or frustrated? Do you stop creating? Or perhaps, is it possibly OK? Can it be changed or fixed or used in a different way? Beautiful Oops! is just that! Simplifying the complication in showing and validating ┬áthat sometimes things, even on a small-scale, can be wonderfully unexpected and have lovely fun results despite deviating from the original intention. Such a treasure to be exposed to this life lesson at a young age and to open the channels for discussion. We regularly use the term ‘beautiful oops’ in our creative process when something has gone awry and instead of tears or disgruntlement we all merge to look at what endless possibilities we can envision!