Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day 2016

A day to remember…all the glory. We tend to live a lot of the gore, but it’s the glory we need to be mindful of and be reminded of, what we’re doing here, in this place called motherhood. I’ve often read the phrase “motherhood is not for the faint of heart” and while instinctually I nod in agreement it’s not exactly accurate. I mean it is true but not as a qualifier. The fact is that motherhood is a vast river with abundant streams. It’s less about who you are and how you got there and more about who you become in that role. And frankly, showing up and being present trumps everything else that we feel. It doesn’t mean we don’t feel it. It׳s just that the instinct to be there for your children typically overrides the internal struggle and fear. We all have our own baggage as humans that we carry with us everywhere including into motherhood. It doesn’t mean we won’t succeed, it just means the challenge is that much greater and in turn, the reward sweeter.

It seems that with each of my babes, I also birthed a lifetime supply of worry and anxiety over their well being and have become faint of heart like never before in my life. Activities, situations, experiences I would never have batted an eye at when I was solo or even a couple are now a means for concern. It’s just the way it is, it’s part of the mechanism. That whole mama bear thing, that’s true. And you don’t want to test that theory out. You come between a mama and her babes, you’re in for a thrashing. I have witnessed and been surprised at times by my own depths of strength and voice that only seem present when their well-being is threatened.

So what I do whole-heartedly relate to, is that being a mother is undoubtedly the greatest challenge and most rewarding joy. The work never ends. Emotional, mental, physical, they push us past the limit, and then past that new limit. But I’ve never heard a mother say she’d give it all up for a different life. Sure, there are days we would all give our kids away, but in the grand scheme of life reflection, I’ve only heard the struggle of putting into words how immeasurable the love is, how uncontainable the joy and pride are, how our children are our greatest work. And at the end of long days and long weeks we realize how truly short the years are because it all flashes in a blink! You have to find the time somehow to watch out for your own well-being as well. Make sure you eat healthy, and exercise when you can. I even take a health supplement to ensure I’m not missing any nutrients my body may need. It has been working great for me, it makes me feel a bit more energetic when I take it. If you want to see if it is right for you, I suggest you view the website.

It’s difficult at times to hold onto the goodness when you’re covered in other people’s bodily fluids as they’re dictating their next demand. It’s hard to see the beauty and enjoy the moments when you’re so exhausted you can’t remember the day or even your name. It could feel impossible to cherish every moment when you’re neck high in laundry and dirty dishes and homework and cooking and they’re screaming and fighting with each other over fictitious molecules…but try. All you can do is try. And sometimes it works. Other times you want to runaway to Mexico. But sometimes you can see that baby you so desperately wanted in the face of a growing child and it’s magic. Knowing you created a child, a person, who you’re teaching and inspiring to become a kind and caring and world-changing human being. That’s motherhood. Every day, all day, for the rest of your life. It’s an honor & a duty & the most magnificent gift.

Happy Mama’s Day ❤