This little light of mine…she’s celebrating nine!

My sweet baby O

No matter where life takes you & how you grow, you’ll always be my sweet baby O.

You’re so truly you it’s incredible.

Against the current if need be.

Sometimes stubborn, demanding your independence & fearful when you have it.

You’re in that scary space where not yet grown but no longer a child leave you feeling uncertain.

I watch you swim and sometimes struggle but you always find your way.

Hold on to that creative spirit, the one that guides you into magical experiences.

Always follow your wonder.

Never doubt your courage & your strength as they haven’t failed you yet.

Never dull your song. Always shine your light.

Be kind. Be kind to yourself.

Love yourself the way that I love you.

These are the gifts. The greatest ones. The ones that fill you up & keep you whole. The ones that will keep you afloat & let you fly. These are my wishes for you my love.

This is 9