Hello & Welcome!

You’re visiting our virtual nest, where like a collection of branches and treasures, I bring our family stories and experiences. What started as a documentation of sweet baby pictures and firsts has expanded to include other adventures and conversations.

Since becoming a mom in 2007 my identity shifted in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. The evolution of becoming a parent is a life story in itself. For me, currently, it’s the part of my being that takes up the most space. It’s also the part that’s most chaotic while simultaneously makes the most sense. These are the ironies and revelations that capture my interest and invite exploration. Parenthood, these young years in particular, are so delicate and precious and vastly imperfect. And as we fumble through the creation, shaping, and guiding of these new lives it can be comforting and empowering to connect with others. Sharing, relating, and inspiring, sometimes commiserating and often laughing and crying, sometimes simultaneously as we process through the well known secrets of parenthood.

Who am I?

I’m still figuring that out, and suspect I may be for some time. I like the open-ended-ness of that, it leaves room for growth and opportunity and change. But these following facts are currently true. In addition to mommyhood , I am a registered board certified practicing art therapist. I am, have always been, a creative, consistently inspired to create . Other than making my babies, I enjoy knitting, photography, and illustration, some of which are showcased at my online boutique Olivia’s Eden. I also like pretty things and simple pleasures. Oh, and really good chocolate.