Home is where…


Home is wherever you live. That’s the premise of Home, a beautifully illustrated book by Carson Ellis. A collection of vivid detailed drawings promote the exploration of the many different homes where interesting characters reside. My darlings often ask about other cultures and other countries, curious about spaces outside our own. This extraordinary book serves […]

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Beautiful Oops!

Beautiful Oops

This little gem has been such a help in teaching my little darlings. Particularly for my (somewhat type A mixed with massive creativity) daughter. It’s intriguing to watch your little ones as they develop their senses and try to understand how to problem-solve in a way that feels right to them. We create a lot […]

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Puppy Love


Gaston is the sweetest story portraying the true meaning of fitting-in. Adorable retro illustrations grace the pages of this charming book as the canine adventure develops. Celebrating love over expectation, and reaffirming that at times, looks are in fact deceiving.

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Of Good Character(s)

Of Good Characters

A couple of years ago we discovered Oliver Jeffers and were immediately hooked! He became an instant favorite in our house as we read through his entire children’s collection. His characters are so intriguing and the stories are fun! Filled with imagination and real, sometimes intense, emotion. These are the books I love, the ones […]

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This Gave Us the Feels

In My Heart

One of my truest loves are children’s books. Really good ones, that are beautifully illustrated and filled with purpose. Ones that leave you pondering some of life’s deepest truths and teach important lessons as they leave a trail of morality lingering in your mind. I was the kid who got lost in stories, asking questions and imagining […]

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