Mother's Day 2016

A day to remember…all the glory. We tend to live a lot of the gore, but it’s the glory we need to be mindful of and be reminded of, what we’re doing here, in this place called motherhood. I’ve often read the phrase “motherhood is not for the faint of heart” and while instinctually I […]

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I prepared myself. I prepared to be strong and support my husband and kids. It’s not that I thought I wouldn’t hurt, it’s just that I thought they would hurt more.  Once we had kids, my husband became the main caregiver for our pup, it only made sense that his grief would be bigger. That’s […]

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Fin Snow

When I finally do what frozen things do in summer, I may feel a tinge of longing for a flake or two of this refreshing fluff. But that is sooooo difficult to envision in this chilly moment. Similar to tales from the crypt this tale is from the dunes, snow dunes specifically. If you’ve been […]

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Reflections on Time

Smile Autumn

Today I registered my second born for kindergarten. My mind refuses to process the passing of time for all the complexities and emotions it strings along. But milestones such as this one trigger massive alarms, jolts equivalent to sirens and flashing lights, alerting me to the speed in which my babies are growing. And in […]

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I did & I do

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He surprises me. In all kinds of ways. Like when he steps over something that’s been dropped without even seemingly seeing it. He surprises me when he leaves his clothes in a pile where he undresses. I’m pretty astonished when I send him with a list of four things and he forgets three of them. […]

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I wanted to let him know that I was in active cardiac distress and may need oxygen. I wanted him to triage me and call some kind of mommy ‘code’ that would alert unoccupied “reassure-ers” to come my way. I wanted to say something funny, to feel better, but realized sarcasm would be lost here.

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And by crazy….I mean sometimes crazy making…clinically. Now that I have three darlings, my perspective has shifted and I can see the pattern much more clearly…the “distraction theory” and its full effect. When there were two darlings, the opportunity wasn’t quite as available to them to do as they liked as it is now with three. […]

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It seems as though we’re always waiting…for something. In life and specifically when it comes to our darlings. It’s one of those life lessons we’re offered daily practice in, and every day the session could be titled The Art of Waiting 101. I say this because no matter how much we know the patterns in our life […]

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When the bustle of the busy day (as recently they have all seemed to be) hushes to a lull late in the evening hours, and I finally settle into some sort of relaxed pose, I cherish the time I can focus on connecting with my baby within. It is a wondrous thing, feeling him twist […]

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Holiday Hopping


Maybe it’s the erratic weather shift, or the time change, but somehow, this year more than others, it seems that yesterday was Halloween and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This to me is a clear explanation of my holiday hopping blogging style. Seems as though I’ve blinked and a month has passed. So on this, the eve […]

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What happens when good intentions lead to half empty threats? “When I get to three you’d better be done/or stop (fill in naughty activity/behavior of choosing).  That’s onnnnnnnnnnne, that’s twwwwwwwoo, (extra-long almost minute pause), and that’s threeeeeeeeeeeeee….Eeee?… Eeeeee? Three?” Counting has become one of the fundamentals of our discipline methodology. Somehow it has outlasted several […]

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Fair is (not always) Fair


As I watch and hear my darling daughters squabble over who got a better piece or a prettier color, who got a longer turn or who feels that they “never get what they want” I recall from my own childhood, so vividly remembering the pain of feeling that life is so unfair. Never mind that […]

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S Place Blues

There is a street where sunny days are sweepin’ the clouds away, where neighbors are like family and diversity is celebrated. A street where ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are a part of every conversation and every door will open wide to happy people like you. Sadly, I’m not writing about this place of blue skies […]

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Fact or Myth


There are words and experiences that I have never given much thought to, that is, until becoming a mommy. All of us parents know that relevancy is everything when it comes to those cathartic moments when something suddenly makes sense. Whether we experience our parents channeling through us or a popular phrase or parody plays […]

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There’s a place where I suspect insecurity and feelings of inferiority intersect and create a lethal concoction of jealousy and judgement. In this place, mothers ruthlessly bring each other down with glares and stares that could cause mountains to crumble. A place where the weak thrive in numbers and the strong walk alone questioning their […]

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Three Spoons One Mouth


This is a tale of everlasting compromise as a means towards long-term survival. If you care-take for children you already know this is the creed. It’s mostly not at all about what you want or thought or planned, and really almost entirely about their toddler desires. Everything from fashion to cuisine is a short (notice) […]

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An Out-of-Mommy Experience


One of the more bizarre things I’ve experienced recently is a strangely specific memory lapse. This may not seem significant at first mention, but for me, it’s quite peculiar. I am someone who has a vividly clear and long-lasting memory. I can recall specifics from all parts of my life, dating back to early childhood, […]

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