Mother May I?

Mother May I tiptoe upstairs by myself and occupy myself quietly and mischievously? No. Mother May I silently sneak into your bathroom? No. Mother May I climb on your boudoir seat and risk falling and breaking my little body in its entirety? No. Mother May I rummage through your delicate glass perfume bottles? No. Mother […]

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I Am Who I Say I Am


I am who I say I am Says a girl now sometimes a ma’am I used to play and paint and travel now I sway and faint as I pick my girls up off the gravel I am who I say I am My Sneetches are snitches as they chase and brawl It all turned […]

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…And as they adorned their little selves with jewels and beads and all sorts of glorious treasures…they couldn’t see that they shine and shimmer the brightest, all on their own. Luckily, I was there to see. I will remind them. Often. {love}

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Today I was delivered…

…to the wrong house my brother used to tell me…or that I was “hatched” was another favorite…Oh sweet boys. Today, on my 33rd birthday, it seems fitting and feels right to reflect and honor the year that has concluded and welcome the year that’s commencing. For me, birthdays feel much more significant in the way […]

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When time stood still


…And just then, when the calm seemed suspiciously quiet, I peered from around the kitchen wall and my heart skipped two beats, as I witnessed a most magnificent sight. In the middle of the living room, which is sometimes a battle ground, stood the two little bodies I love most in the world, arms embracing […]

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11 Well Wishes for 2011

These wishes I wish for myself, for my family and friends, and for you. Health: More specifically, GOOD health, as without it there is little else that matters, and much less that is possible. A reminder as we see those struggling around us, it is not a guarantee on any given day and therefore, advisably, […]

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A Mother’s Wish


The smallest hand rests in my palm And despite life’s chaos I’m surrounded by calm The sweetest touch that only mothers know The closeness to baby which makes the heart grow I watch them so closely as to not miss a thing Yet somehow I blink and winter has brought spring It seems a moment […]

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